Content Filtering Category Descriptions

  • Website URLs may be part of more than one category. For example, is classified as "news" while is classified in "News" and "Sports". The nature of the content is more important than the strict definition, so an advertisement with nudity is classified as "Adult" rather than "Advertisement", and a forum about games is classified as "Games" rather than "Forum".
    The general impression is also taken into account when a website is categorized. For example, most buyers at are consumers rather than business users and therefore is considered to be a shop for consumers and part of the "Shopping" category.
    Sites containing commercial advertising graphics or content.

    Adult Content
    Sites that contain content with adult oriented material. Sites in this category do not contain any nudity.

    Sites that contain alcohol and tobacco content. Also includes sites related to alcohol such as bars. Sites in this category do not contain illegal drugs.

    Sites that contain art or discuss art. Includes museums.

    Sites related to auctions both online and live.

    Audio & Video
    Sites that contain streaming or downloadable audio/video content such as mp3s, movie clips, and TV shows.

    Sites that contain sexually revealing content, but no nudity. Includes lingerie sites.

    Sites that represent a business's online entity.

    Dating & Personals
    Sites that offer dating services or aid in the establishment of romantic relationships.

    Sites containing general collections of information and knowledge such as online Wikis.

    Sites containing content relating to illegal drugs.

    Sites that provide educational services such as schools and universities, as well as sites that offer educational materials for sale or reference.

    Sites that contain or promote television, movies, magazines, radio, books, food, fashion and lifestyle.

    File Sharing
    Sites that provide Peer-to=Peer (P2P) file sharing software, information and services.

    Finance & Investment
    Sites that contain content pertaining to banking, financial news and tips, the stock market, investing, credit cards and insurance.

    Sites containing message boards, online chat rooms and discussion forums.

    Sites that contain platonic friendship related materials and social networking sites.

    Sites that promote or contain gambling related content such as online poker and casinos, sports betting and lotteries.

    Sites that contain online games, or provide services and information pertaining to electronic games, household video games and consoles, computer games and role-playing games.

    Sites sponsored by or representing government agencies, including military and political organizations.

    Guns & Weapons
    Sites that promote, sell, or provide information regarding guns, knives and other weapons.

    Sites that contain content related to health including hospitals, doctors, and prescription drugs. Also includes sites primarily focusing on health research.

    Image Search
    Sites that are targeted to image and video searching.

    Sites that contain job search engines and other material for employment seeking.

    Mobile Phones
    Sites that sell or provide information and services pertaining to mobile (cellular) phones.

    Sites that provide current news and events including online newspapers.

    Sites that contain content related to organizations and non-profits.

    Sites that contain political content. Also includes sites representing political organizations or organizations promoting political views.

    Sites that contain adult oriented content including sexually explicit graphics and material.

    Private Websites
    Sites created by individuals containing personal expression such as blogs and personal diaries.

    Real Estate
    Sites focusing on real estate including real estate agents, rental properties and real estate information.

    Sites that promote or provide information regarding religious beliefs and practices.

    Sites that contain content related to restaurants, food, dining, etc.

    Search Engines
    Sites that are used to search the web.

    Sites offering professional services such as cleaning and repair services.

    Sex Ed
    Sites that contain content relating to sexual education.

    Sites that are used to purchase consumer goods, including online auctions and classifieds.

    Sites that contain content relating to sports and recreation.

    Streaming Radio/TV
    Sites that contain streaming radio or television content.

    Sites that contain content related technology including software, computer hardware, technology companies, and technical computer help.

    Sites that offer toolbar downloads for web browsers.

    Sites that contain content related to transportation such as trains, bus routes and public transportation. Also includes those sites related to vehicles, motorcycles, and vehicle sales.

    Sites that provide travel related services or information such as online travel agencies, transportation (airlines, trains and buses), tourism, and lodging.

    Violence & Hate
    Sites that promote violent behavior or depict gratuitous images of death, gore or bodily harm.

    Virus & Malware
    Sites containing malicious software, viruses or malware. In addition sites that contain software hacks and illegal codes, and computer hacker-related material.

    Web Based E-mail
    Sites offering web-based E-mail services.

    Web Hosting
    Sites that offer web hosting services and domains for sale. Also includes sites that are parked by domain name resellers.

    Web Proxies
    Sites that offer web proxy information, services, or downloads. Web proxies are often used in an attempt to bypass URL and Content Filters.