Wide Area Network

  • The SWWC Service Cooperative Wide Area Network is a collaborative project of school districts and SWWC. We provide high-speed network connectivity to all of our members as well as high speed Internet connectivity and access to the Internet2 consortium and other telecommunication consortia throughout the state of Minnesota.
    What makes the SWWC Wide Area Network Consortium more than being an Internet Service Provider?
    • Aggregated and shared infrastructure - serving schools and libraries with enterprise-scale technologies
    • Advanced Network Management by experts in network support
    • Managed Network Security systems and monitoring
    • Management of fundamental cybersecurity practices and solutions
    • Shared data management solutions and hosting
    • Management of E-Rate procurement processes
    • Management of Minnesota Telecommunications Access Equity Aid
    • Grant opportunity management, facilitation, and support
    • Representation of member districts in statewide and national conversations and projects
    WAN Map 
    SWWC Service Cooperative Wide Area Network Consortium Technology Plan Resources
    For more information about the SWWC Service Cooperative Wide Area Network contact:
    Josh Sumption, Chief Technology and Information Officer
    507-537-2265; josh.sumption@swwc.org