Technology Integration at SWWC

  • Today’s technology brings exciting possibilities for the classroom. When technology is used effectively teachers can create dynamic lessons that actively engage students in a meaningful way. The entire paradigm of the classroom is changing. Students and teachers alike are finding new and innovative ways to utilize technology in the classroom.

    Students now have the opportunity to conduct research utilizing some of the same tools as experts and collaborate with others on a global level. Social networking tools such as a wiki, blog, podcast and discussion board allow students to extend well beyond the walls of classroom. Students can even take classes offered online from anywhere in the state not otherwise offered at their school in a new and innovative way.

    Services Offered to Districts/Teachers
    • On-site small and large group trainings
    • One-on-One scheduled meetings with teachers
    • Resources for Materials and Ideas
    • STEAM Co-Teaching
    • Available Coding Robots 
    • Makerspace and STEAM Materials
    • SMART Board/Interactive Displays Software and Curriculum Training
    • Promethean Board Training Including Activ Inspire and ClassFlow
    • Gsuite for Education Training on Google Apps
    • Instruction on iPad Apps/Chrome Extensions
    • AR/VR Kits Available for Check Out
    • Help with Online Curriculum
    • Google Classroom 
    • Breakout EDU Kits and Games
    • Recording Equipment for Lessons (Video Recording Software and Microphones)

Tech Integration Staff

  • SWWC is committed to helping members effectively integrate technology into curriculum.
    David Berner
    Technology Integration Specialist
    P: 507-537-2268
    Megan H
    Meggan Hoffmann
    Technology Integration Specialist
    Justin Viss
    Justin Viss
    Technology Integration Specialist
Tech Integration at SWWC