Health Insurance

    • 1985: SWWC entered into its first operating agreement to provide a school district insurance pool to its members.
    • 1992: Legislation allowed SWWC to provide services to cities, counties and other governmental agencies.
    • 1993: Cities, counties and other governmental agencies joined the health insurance pool.
    • 2003: VEBA plans became available for health insurance pool members.
    • 2008: Programs focusing on employee wellness were created.
    • 2017: Seven service cooperatives throughout Minnesota joined together to form the Minnesota Healthcare Consortium (MHC).
    • 2020: MHC combined all 50 and under groups to one pool to help spread risk and keep costs down.

Get to Know Medica

  • Medica is a Minnesota-based nonprofit health plan with a 45-year history. We’re committed to building trust with our customers, members, and the communities where they live, work, and play. You can count on us to deliver great service, an extensive network of providers, and many resources to help you be your healthiest self.

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