SWWC Wellness Program

  • Live Well logoAt SWWC, we know motivation plays a key role in wellness. We created the Live Well and Wellness Incentive Program to help drive your employees toward a better state of wellness. Our wellness program is only available to health insurance pool members.
    Our Live Well Program offers our groups an annual budget to spend on worksite wellness. The budget is based on the number of contracts. 
    Our Wellness Incentive Program allows pool members to earn money to put into their medical spending accounts if they meet the eligibility requirements.
    Please contact Carli Bothun for any questions on budget amounts, eligible expenses or eligibility requirements. Click here for logo and crediting information.  
    In addition to the Live Well and Wellness Incentive Programs, we want our members to take full advantage of the wellness offerings available to us through our partnership with Medica. 

SWWC's Insurance Team