• Membership Advantages
    Regional service delivery works! Working with educators, legislators, business/government partners, we provide cost effective and high quality services to schools, cities, counties, and other governmental agencies. Creativity and innovation, coupled with our stalwart tried and true programs, provide a solid foundation of support for our members.
    We aim to assure that students in rural districts have access to educational opportunities that students in larger districts experience. By working together with SWWC to pool money and staff, members gain needed service--allowing small, rural districts to maximize resources, bringing equal opportunities to all students.
    Types of Memberships
    Full membership is open to public school districts, cities, counties, and other governmental agencies as defined in Minnesota Statute (M.S. 471.59) and are within the SWWC region. Full members have full participation and voting rights and privileges. Full members pay a one-time $25 membership fee.
    Associate membership is open to (a) non-public schools, partnership agencies and nonprofit organizations within the SWWC region, and to (b) schools – public and non-public, cities, counties, partnership agencies, nonprofit organizations and other governmental agencies outside the SWWC region. Associate members pay a $50 one-time membership fee, but cannot vote or hold elective offices.