Southwest Minnesota SpEd Teacher Pipeline Grant Program

  • Are you interested in becoming a special education teacher? Apply for the SW Minnesota Special Education Teacher Pipeline grant program which will provide tuition and programmatic support to become a licensed special education teacher. The Special Education Teacher Pipeline grant is designed to increase Tier III and IV special education teachers in our region.
    To qualify, you must meet the following requirements:
    • Currently employed with a joint applicant (school district partner)
    • A Tier I or Tier II teacher, paraprofessional or non-licensed staff
    • Demonstrate a willingness to be a special education teacher after completing the program
    • No Tier III or IV teaching license in Minnesota

    What you will receive:
    • Tuition Assistance paid directly to TPP partner and other programmatic support
    • One-on-One advising support throughout the program
    • Support between college staff and employer.
    • Stay in your current position while going back to school.
    • Connection with a Program Success Coach.

    Applications open for current Tier I and Tier II staff on March 12 for a Spring/Summer 2024 start.
    Applications open for current paraprofessional and non-licensed staff on May 15 for a Fall 2024 start.

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