Welcome to the SWWC Educational Learning Centers

  • The Educational Learning Centers at SWWC offer two different types of programs for students.
    • SUN Program: Designed to meet the needs of special education students with severe disabilities with a diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder, DCD: Severe to Profound, DCD: Mild to Moderate, and Severely Multiply Impaired (other diagnosis also accepted). Many of the students have minimal to no verbal skills. Behaviors and communication skills are main focuses of this program. Referrals are made by the school district.
    • Bridges Program: Designed to meet the needs special education students who are having behavior issues in their resident school district. In addition to academics, programming includes social-emotional learning classroom instruction with licensed professionals provided based on the individual student’s educational needs. Referrals are made by the school district and do not require a Rule 79 diagnostic assessment or children’s mental health care management services through the county of residence.

    All of the ELCs work directly with SWWC Behavioral Health Services. These services are also available to school districts for those students who don’t meet the referral requirements for one of our educational learning centers but have challenging behaviors. Contact Amber Bruns for additional information at amber.bruns@swwc.org.

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