So you've got a Video Conferencing system, now what?!

  • Video Conferencing, or ITV, connections work under two basic connection types: Direct Dialing and Bridged meetings.
    Direct Dialing
    Most Video Conferencing systems (aka. Tandberg, Cisco, ITV) on the SWWC Service Cooperative System are capable of supporting direct dialing to up to three other systems, meaning there can be a total of four participating sites in a single call. Direct dialing is great for ad-hoc meetings, or small meetings that do not take place often. Direct Dialing is not able to be scheduled, and cannot be recorded or easily troubleshooted when connection issues occur and therefore is not used for ITV Classes and other frequently occurring meetings.
    Bridged Meetings
    All SWWC Service Cooperative Video Conferencing systems are capable of participating in a Bridged Meeting. Bridged meetings can have dozens of participating sites in a single call. Bridged calls can also be recorded and scheduled. Bridged calls are used regularly for ITV Classes and also allow quick troubleshooting by SWWC Service Cooperative Technical Support when issues arise. Participants in bridged calls can connect from video conferencing equipment, located at the sites available in the resource list below, or from any computer that has a webcam and microphone by utilizing the SWWC Acano service.
    Bridged calls must be coordinated with SWWC Service Cooperative by contacting our Technology Support Helpdesk at 507-537-2260 or Please allow a minimum of 24 hours to setup a bridged call.
    Video Conferencing Resources