Make IT Work for You! Technology Coordination Services

  • It should not come as a surprise to schools that technology is here to stay and has become a critical component in providing a quality education environment and efficiencies in the administration of school districts and other organizations. Stacked on top of the importance of technology is the ever increasing complexity and specialized skills necessary to administer the various components and services that make everything work. There is no doubt that when technology is working well it can easily be forgotten, but when things aren't working in harmony we are quickly reminded of our dependence and the mission-critical role technology plays in our education and work environments.
    Technology Coordination Services are different than our Supplemental Technology Support services. Technology Support Services are, as they sound, supplemental to your current Technology Coordinator or IT Staff, and provide specific, specialized services to your school district.
    Since 2003, SWWC has been developing and perfecting a holistic service delivery model for Technology Coordination for all of our members and Technology Integration services for our school district members. Our approach allows your school district to be a part of SWWC's IT Department! Your district will have one of our Technology Coordinators assigned to you as your personal liaison between your school district and our staff. This service comes complete with the full wealth of knowledge and expertise that backs our staff delivered to your district with a personalized touch.
    Contracts for Technology Coordination are flexible and allow for school districts of all sizes to contract at levels that make sense.