Meet our Keynote Speaker: Kris Hagel

  • Keynote speakerKris Hagel, is the Executive Director of Digital Learning for the Peninsula School District in Gig Harbor, WA, Kris Hagel operates at the nexus of technology and education, steering the district’s strategic vision in digital learning, communications, and school safety. With a background in computer science from Washington State University, Kris melds deep technical expertise with progressive educational theories drawn from the likes of Seymour Papert, Jean Piaget, and Sir Ken Robinson.

    Under his leadership, the district has pioneered the integration of AI in educational settings, enhancing both instructional and operational efficiencies. Kris is nationally recognized for his contributions and active engagement with The Consortium for School Networks (CoSN), where he influences policy and implementation strategies for K-12 digital infrastructures across the country.

    Kris’s approach to educational technology is grounded in Universal Design for Learning principles, ensuring that systems are accessible and effective for all learners. His work extends beyond administration into the realms of continual improvement processes, where he seeks to automate and optimize educational and operational frameworks.

    An avid learner and thought leader, Kris’s insights are sought after at conferences and in publications. He is also passionate about snow skiing, travel, gardening, and real estate investing, continually drawing on a broad spectrum of interests to enrich his professional and personal life.

    Qualifications: Studied Computer Science at Washington State University, have spent 25 Years in School District EdTech roles, working his way from mainframe operator to Executive Director with many roles in between. 

    Keynote Address: The School of Tomorrow - AI Meets Education

    Description: Imagine a future where education is not just imparted but intricately tailored to each learner through the power of Artificial Intelligence. In this keynote, we will journey through the revolutionary landscape where AI seamlessly integrates into every aspect of education. From personalized learning environments that adapt to individual student needs, to AI-driven analytics that revolutionize administrative efficiency, discover how AI is not just augmenting but transforming the educational experience. Join us for an enlightening exploration into how educators, administrators, and students can harness AI to not only follow but lead the charge towards a more adaptive, inclusive, and innovative future. This presentation will offer not only a vision but practical strategies to empower you to be at the forefront of this educational evolution.

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