Internet Safety Resources

  • Internet Safety Education is a requirement under the Protecting Children in the 21st Century Act for schools that participate in the federal E-Rate Program. Many schools feel that this requirement entails having to bring in a special speaker, special lesson in the computer lab, or purchasing expensive Internet Safety curriculum from a vendor. Though all of these methods do meet the requirements, the truth is this is something that can be easily incorporated into any teacher's lesson plan, and in a best case, can be incorporated many times throughout the course of the school year to help re-familiarize students with Internet risks they may encounter in everyday life.

    One essential component to meeting the requirements is to document activities as they occur and to retain that documentation for the defined retention period (currently 10 years after the last date of funded services).

    The resources below have been compiled by SWWC Member School District Technology Leaders and are freely available for use by any school district that wishes to use them. If you have resources that you would like to contribute to any of these categories, please contact
    Districts may also use their InfoSec Security Awareness training resources as an in-classroom instruction activity where a, or series of, training videos are shown to the classroom and then discussed.