H&S Website and Important Links

  • Please review the H&S website enter 1 project for each Finance Code total for FY23, FY24 and FY25.
    If utilizing Hold Harmless or requesting additional revenue for >$100,000 projects you must update the H&S website to the actual expenditures at the end of the Fiscal Year.  The MDE recommends all district to update the website.
    For assistance with the website, entering projects, and funding questions please contact:

    MDE Facilities and Technology LTFM 

    Please visit the MDE -- Facilities and Technology -- Long Term Facilities Maintenance Page for updated forms and information regarding the *New* Long Term Facility Maintenance Revenue. 

    Facilities Age and Square Footage Report

     Age and Square Footage
    The  Facilities Age and Square Footage Report should be updated annually. Please report all buildings owned by the School District.

Expenditures and Reporting