SWWC's Mentoring Program

  • SWWC believes that our most valuable asset is our employees. In order to assist new employees, SWWC implemented a complete Mentoring Program. This is a joint responsibility of the new employee’s supervising administrator, mentor, and human resources.
    The purpose of the program is to:
    • Provide information to help the new employee integrate smoothly and quickly into SWWC;
    • Introduce the new employee to SWWC as a whole – it’s structure, mission, vision, values, and strategic priorities, etc.;
    • Help the new employee identify the importance of their role within SWWC and how what they do affects others;
    • Introduce the new employee to their division/department goals and their role in helping meet those goals;
    • Promote communication between the new employee and management;
    • Make the new employee feel welcome and assure them they made the right decision in joining SWWC;
    • Provide a mentor to the new employee who is in a like position, if possible, to be able to address specific skills sets for given disciplines and to help establish a sense of belonging; and
    • Get the new employee excited about being a part of SWWC and motivated to do the best job possible.

    Mentoring Program Handbook