SWWC Cybersecurity Services

  • SWWC Cybersecurity is not simply a standby response team when cyber incidents occur. We are focused on prevention and mitigation strategies to drastically reduce the need for response and make response more thorough and efficient when necessary.

Our Services

  • Comprehensive Cybersecurity Services: Our team becomes part of your technology team, providing you with a Virtual Chief Security Officer, yearly risk assessments, cybersecurity awareness training, monthly phishing campaigns, continual vulnerability scans, a security information management system (SIEM), cybersecurity procedures and policy development, and more.

    Cyber Liability Insurance Readiness (CLIR) Assessment: SWWC Cybersecurity has gathered cyber insurance questionnaires and spoke with top cyber liability insurers to build a readiness assessment. The CLIR Assessment will take you through some of the top questions being asked by cyber insurers and will give your district an idea of where you will sit next cyber insurance renewal period. 

    Vulnerability and Risk Assessments: We offer three levels of vulnerability and risk assessments, ranging from a basic overview to an in-depth review of your cybersecurity infrastructure.

    Cybersecurity Awareness Training: We partnered with Infosec Institute to offer a robust library of cybersecurity awareness training with thousands of cybersecurity resources, including phishing campaigns.

    Sophos Cybersecurity: One of the first defenses we have when stopping a bad actor in their tracks is using a next generation antivirus. SWWC Cybersecurity has partnered with Sophos to offer their top next-gen antivirus called Sophos Intercept X.

K-12 Cybersecurity Q&A

  • Why does the K-12 education sector need to be concerned about cybersecurity?

  • Is SWWC Cybersecurity a Cyber Liability Insurance Program?

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