SWWC Comprehensive Cybersecurity Services

  • There is no “End-Game” to CybersecurityOur Cybersecurity service is with you for the long-haul and is an offering engineered with continuous improvement as a goal. 

    SWWC Cybersecurity provides participating organizations with an extension to their existing Technology Department staffing that will be devoted to focusing into all aspects of cybersecurity, an aspect that is rapidly emerging as a critical component to the operation of all organizations.

    Core Purposes: 
    • Mitigate Threats 
    • Coordination of Incidence Response when necessary
    • Protect stakeholder resources
    • Efficiently provide expertise to service subscribers 

    Our approach:
    Analysis and Assessment 
    • A key component of SWWC Cybersecurity is our ongoing analysis and assessment of your environment, ensuring that policy, procedures, personnel, hardware, and software are optimized and working in synergy to ensure your entity is employing best-in-class mitigation strategies and ready for threat response when necessary! 

    Centralized Expertise
    • SWWC Cybersecurity staff are specialized and completely focused on the day-to-day requirements necessary to ensure all participating entities are monitored and analyzed on an ongoing basis by leveraging the efficiency of a shared team. 

    Part of your team
    • Your participation in SWWC Cybersecurity is all about creating a partnership, where our highly specialized Cybersecurity-focused staff, will be an active component of your current technology team.  

    Evolving Cybersecurity maturity throughout your organization
    • We will strive to be better because we know it makes you better! Cybersecurity is an ever-evolving necessity that is critical to ensure our entities can efficiently operate and meet the ever increasing online virtual demands of our students and citizens. By remaining vigilant and focused on the evolving world of cybersecurity, we will ensure that the devotion to your entity’s ecosystem does not become just another responsibility or project on the long job descriptions of your current technology staff. 

    Building Efficiency
    • By working together, SWWC Cybersecurity will drive efficiency into every aspect of the process. Together, we will all share in the costs associated with having a specialized staff that is focused on Cybersecurity initiatives and response, thus providing financial efficiency by not having to staff dedicated positions in your organization. Further, by creating these efficiencies, SWWC can ensure mitigation, monitoring and responses are handled on an ongoing basis, and that your entity’s policies and procedures are in place and deployed.  For many organizations, the ability to buy something as critical to your operations as cyber liability insurance makes SWWC Cybersecurity services worth the investment; but it is ultimately our goal to help save your organization time, effort, and costs when taking the long Everest climb to Cybersecurity maturity!

    Our Cybersecurity Team is YOUR Cybersecurity Team!
    By working together with SWWC, your organization will have access to a team of professionals that are devoted to improving your Cybersecurity posture and maturity while monitoring for and mitigating cyber risks!


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  • K-12 Cyberseucrity Q&A

    Why does the K-12 education sector need to be concerned about cybersecurity?

    Over the past couple of years, the K-12 education has been a major target for hackers. School districts hold an immense amount of personally identifiable information on both students and staff that is more valuable to hackers, all located in one easy-to-access spot. For years, school districts haven’t had the funds or resources to fund a focus directly on cybersecurity, which has led to many cyber incidents around the area, such as multiple phishing attacks, ransomware encrypting all your district's data, climate control manipulation that damages gym floors, and many more.

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    Josh Sumption, CETL
    Chief Technology & Information Officer

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