Common Questions For Your Behavior Analyst

  • “I have a student that is not making progress on his/her IEP goals and I am not sure what to do next. Is he/she at their max learning potential?”
    Call your behavior analyst! We specialize in teaching skills and can help you evaluate if the support you are providing is effective, if it is a motivation problem, or if there are other necessary skills the student may be missing that need to be taught first.
    “I was approached by one of our general education teachers that he/she needs assistance in his/her classroom. There are multiple kids that are engaging in a lot of problem behavior and he/she is unsure of what to do next.”
    Call your behavior analyst! We can help you develop a classroom management system around your needs. We can also help you complete an environmental and behavioral risk assessment on whether certain students need more individual support (i.e. reward system, focused teaching on a particular skill, etc.).
    “I think one of my special education students may need additional support within the general education classroom, but I am not sure how much support?”
    Call your behavior analyst! Implementing a data collection system with the support of your behavior analyst can help you evaluate where the specific problem areas are and what is needed to correct them. Sometimes it can be as simple as adding in a classroom management system or it could be necessary to add-in more additional supports such as a special education level change or individualized teaching on specific skills.
    “I am having trouble keeping everyone on the same page for our behavior intervention plan with my student. Often I see people doing things that are not part of the plan and I have talked with them multiple times. What should I do?”
    Call your behavior analyst! We are in the business of training and can help you evaluate what is the best way to train your staff and how often do they need check-ins on training. We can work with you and your administration on coming up with a system that will help support your staff and the student.
    “Our school is trained in PBIS (or other school-wide system), but parts of the system are not working as intended. What should we do?”
    Call your behavior analyst! We can assist you in evaluating what parts of the system are working as intended and what parts are not and why. Once this information is obtained we can help you evaluate what parts of the system are the most important to implement first, how to train them, and how to evaluate their use and intended goal.
    “Our special education team is not on the same page for what the next steps should be for the student. What can we try next to get the team on the same page?”
    Call your behavior analyst! We can help you use objective assessments to show specific skill deficits the student has and what research-based treatments are available to teach the missing skills. If there are multiple skill deficits we have various ways in which we can help the team evaluate together what they see as long-term goals for the student and how to plan out where to start given the student’s current skill set.