Overview of Behavioral Health Services

  • Behavior analysts at SWWC consult with school professionals to treat challenging behavior, increase academic performance or develop class-wide management systems for students of all ages. Challenging behavior may occur in individuals with a wide variety of diagnoses or individuals without diagnoses. Behavioral Analyst consulting often treats people diagnosed with Autism, ADHD, Down Syndrome, Oppositional Defiant Disorder, Anxiety Disorder and Emotional/Behavioral Disorders.
    Typical challenging behaviors addressed are noncompliance/work refusal, property destruction or displacement, aggression, self-injury, verbal aggression, elopement, spitting, compulsive actions/rigidity and stereotypy/self-stimulatory behavior. 
    Our main focus is designing and overseeing highly specific positive behavioral recommendations designed to reduce inappropriate behavior while enhancing adaptive (replacement) skills. We educate and train the people who work with students who have behavioral needs. We network with students' educational personnel to provide a consistent and comprehensive approach to create lasting behavior change. 
    Behavioral services can be purchased through SWWC based on the needs of the school. 

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