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  • Project Discovery is an exciting, hands-on career exploration lab in Marshall that provides an opportunity for students to explore more than 40 careers containing some of the region’s top growing careers including Welding, Plumbing, Accounting, Childcare and many more.

    We understand the importance and complexity of helping your students make informed decisions about their future. Project Discovery is designed to:
    • engage students to think towards their future,
    • broaden students’ exposure to available careers,
    • and increase self-awareness of their talents, skills, and abilities.

    Project Discovery will provide your students with knowledge, resources, and insights necessary to navigate our dynamic labor force in southwest and west central Minnesota, unlocking doors to opportunities they may not have considered.

    Through Project Discovery, students will embark on a dynamic exploration of diverse career paths, discovering the intersection between their skills, interests, and the ever-evolving landscape of professional opportunities. This is not just about finding a career choice; it's about sculpting a career path that aligns with their passions and aspirations.

    Students will:
    • Complete an online career assessment that focuses on their work values and abilities. Based off these results, students will be provided hands-on career exploration in the Project Discovery lab, and
    • The results and recommendations found during your students’ participation will be shared back with the student, family, and school (teacher, team, etc.). These results focus on work skills, social skills, and interests.

    Project Discovery can be a trusted companion to supporting your students' career exploration and self-discovery. Project Discovery goes beyond just hands-on career exploration. Together we create a space for students to begin planning for their futures. 

    There is a flat fee of $650 for up to five students. Project Discovery is Perkins approved. Districts can opt to use their Perkins funding to support their students attending Project Discovery.

    Let the adventure begin!

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