What is Transition?

  • Transition is a passage from one life event to another. In the educational system, transition is used to describe the passage from school to adult services and full community participation. It is a bridge between the security offered by school and the opportunities and risks in adult life. For a student with a disability, transition offers challenges that require additional guidance and assistance from families and others to help him or her effectively deal with the new challenges.
    Transition services are offered to help students and families establish a vision for the future concerning preferences of living, employment and community participation. Students, families, schools and community agencies work as a team to listen and help create experiences to help make these dreams a reality. Transition Planning is different for each student because each student has unique needs and wants. It is important for students and families to participate in transition planning as they contribute the most important voices in the transition process. It is never too early to start helping your child prepare for his/her future, as they learn about themselves and work towards their life's dream.