Physical Therapy at SWWC

PT picture


    • Dana Hamilton: ACGC and GSL
    • Linda Hamm: EVW, SWWC ELC - Cosmos and Willmar
    • Judy Kramer: BBE, EVW and Willmar
    • Krista Laumer: SWWC ELC - Willmar and Willmar
    • Daydrea Nelson: GSL and LP
    • Karie Novak: Cedar Mountain, Milroy, RCW, Red Rock Central, RTR, SWWC ELC - Pipestone, Tracy, WWG and YME
    • Jackie Parliament: BLHS, BOLD, MACCRAY and Montevideo
    • Kyle Quenemoen: Benson, KMS, NLS and Prinsburg
    • Jade Van Dyke: Fulda, HLO, JCC, MCC, Mountain Lake, RCW, RLB, SWWC ELC - Windom and Tracy