Wide Area Network (WAN) Advisory Committee

  • The WAN Advisory Committee provides guidance and direction to SWWC's Wide Area Network Consortium operations. Activities of the committee include oversight of contracts with service providers, the provision of consortium services and guidance for future programs and services to be provided to consortium members. The advisory committee is made up of 9 members from schools participating in the WAN, up to 3 being Technology Directors, and the remaining being Superintendents.
    Wide Area Network Advisory Committee Members:
    Rob Brandl, Superintendent - Cedar Mountain
    Craig Oftedahl, Superintendent - Luverne
    Todd Pickthorn, Director of Technology - Marshall
    Bill Strom, Superintendent - Mountain Lake
    Kevin Enerson, Superintendent - Pipestone
    Leonard Runck, Director of Technology - Red Rock Central
    John Cselovszki, Superintendent - Sleepy Eye
    Loy Woelber, Superintendent - Westbrook/Walnut Grove
    Amy Ernst, Director of Technology - Worthington
    SWWC Staff Contact
    Josh Sumption, Director of Technology
    Phone: 507-537-2265