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    During the month of April, The READY Clinic is shining a light on Early Intervention services and the importance of detecting Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) early. Children with autism who receive a diagnosis and intervention earlier are shown to have better outcomes and learn more skills towards independence.

    This month we're reaching out to the TRC community to share information about the importance of early detection, early intervention, and knowing the signs so that our TRC communities can better support children and families.

    Why is early intervention for autism important?
    • ASD is a developmental disorder characterized by differences in social interaction and communication as well as the presence of restricted and repetitive patterns of behavior, interest or activities.
    • Research shows that certain early intervention treatment strategies can improve a child’s development and manage interfering behaviors. The earlier treatment and intervention begins, the more effective the outcomes. That’s why it’s important to identify signs and symptoms early.

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    Every donation, no matter the size, directly benefits the children and families we serve, offering them hope, resources, and the opportunity to thrive.
    The READY Clinic (TRC) provides accredited services for children living with autism (ASD) and their families. By providing early intervention ABA therapy, TRC promotes children’s independence and participation, improves long-term outcomes and quality of life, and educates, trains and supports parents and families.

    Without TRC, families have to disrupt their work and family life to access services. TRC provides services in multiple locations in our region to increase access to more families and reducing the stress to families in trying to coordinate and find services. 

    By partnering with families in early intervention ABA Therapy, TRC helps maximize a child’s opportunities through increasing their skills and reducing challenges that interfere with learning.  Increasing these skills provides children with a greater chance to increase their independence and improve quality of life at home, school, and in the community. 


    Legislative and insurance reimbursement changes, along with staffing shortages, have created a funding gap, making it nearly impossible to grow and serve more families.

    With humble hearts, we’re reaching out to you for help. We’re raising $1 million to continue serving ASD families in Southwestern Minnesota communities through The READY Clinic. This vital funding allows us to continue providing services for ASD children, coaching for their parents and caregivers, and licensed staff to partner with families.

    Will you help us reach our goal by considering a one-time or recurring gift to The READY Clinic?

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