About the Foundation

  • Camp Aspire The Foundation began when SWWC recognized the need to foster collaboration between school districts, business and industry, and SWWC, as well as provide support for enhancing and sustaining E-12 student enrichment programs and activities. To meet this need, the SWWC Board of Directors authorized work to establish the foundation in 2017, with official non-profit status achieved in 2018.
    Our mission is to enhance collaborative efforts to enrich innovative learning opportunities for E-12 students in southwest and west central Minnesota.
    With no taxing authority, SWWC relies only on the fees charged for programs and services. To help school districts participate in a broad a range of programs to better meet the needs of their students, SWWC is committed to keeping operating costs affordable, and has found creative ways to help fund these activities. We know that school district budgets are being stretched to the limit, and it is difficult for them to provide student enrichment experiences on their own ... and that's why the SWWC Foundation for Innovation in Education was created!

    We know we are not the only charity asking for your help, but your support makes a profound difference in the lives of students in southwest and west central Minnesota. For that, the students, staff and Foundation board members will be forever grateful!

    The Foundation is a non-profit charitable organization, designated as a 501(c)3, a 509(a)3, a public charity, and a Type II supporting organization. All donations to the Foundation are tax deductible.