• Two different survey solutions available with your Technology Services through SWWC.  School Districts subscribing to SWWC Technology Services receive a complimentary subscription to the BrightBytes Technology and Learning, or, Modern Learning Survey and Analytics. In a partnership established in 2013, SWWC has been offering the BrightBytes Clarity platform to our membership, either as a fee for service product or as a complimentary offering for those districts purchasing a Technology Services Subscription.

    1. Technology and Learning Survey and Analytics
      1. Short Video- Technology and Learning Vignette


    • Literature
      1. Technology and Learning Value for Districts
      2. Module Overview
    1. Why Use Technology and Learning?   

    The dashboards provide visibility for districts and schools about which technology solutions drive maximum value and to what extent students are using 21st Century skills (i.e. communication, collaboration,critical thinking, and creativity). Districts can also measure the progress of technology initiatives and identify areas of opportunity for professional development.  

    1. Incorporate research and data into your district’s technology vision
    2. Measure the progress of priority technology initiatives over time
    3. Identify opportunities for district-wide growth and professional development
    4. Explore the impact of school culture on technology integration
    5. Measure longitudinal changes in progress towards district &  school improvement goals


    1. Modern Learning Survey and Analytics
    1. Short Video- Modern Learning 
    2. Literature
      1. Ensure Equity across your Teaching and Learning Environments
      2. Modern Learning Overview with sample questions
    3. Why Use Modern Learning? The Modern Learning Solution provides:
      1. Qualitative insights across four stakeholder groups - School leaders, teachers, students, and parents - and across the following four areas:
        • Technology & Learning: Access, Skills, Support, Instruction, & Equity
        • Digital Citizenship
        • Professional Development
        • Social & Emotional Learning
      2. A comprehensive understanding of the new and changing learning environment in order to make more informed decisions
      3. Parent perceptions and needs for their child’s learning environment
      4. Visibility into the health and state of teaching-learning environments and practices 
      5. A line of sight into equity, access, and skills of both students and educators
      6. Awareness of Professional Development needs
      7. Mindfulness into the social and emotional learning component of teachers and students