Math & Reading Intervention and Data Services

  • Multi-Tiered Systems of Support is encouraged in federal and state law as an effective way to support high achievement for all students through a general education initiative.
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    Tier 1
    The focus of Tier 1 is on improving core classroom instruction in academics and behavior that ALL students receive. Tier 1 instruction is designed to address the needs of the majority of a school’s students. Skills are taught using explicit instruction of skills and strategies along with differentiated instruction to meet the diverse needs of students.
    Tier 2
    Tier 2 provides small group academic and behavior interventions for students not making adequate progress in the core curriculum. Students in Tier 2 receive increasingly intensive academic or behavior instruction matched to their needs based on results of continuous progress monitoring. Instruction in Tier 2 typically involves small groups of students focused on the targeted area/s of deficit.
    Tier 3
    Tier 3 is a progression of Tier 2 if previous interventions did not show adequate progress. Tier 3 provides individualized intervention, ideally in a one-on-one setting. Tier 3 interventions are more intensive to target the student’s academic or behavioral skill deficits for remediation of existing problems and the student’s progress is monitored more frequently.
    Our Math & Reading Intervention and Data Services can support your school in implementing a Response to Intervention program. Our Education Consultants can provide support in core instruction, intervention, and data analysis, among other things. This on-site service can support teachers or Title I specialists as your school works to support each child.

    For more information, contact Lisa Gregoire at or 507-537-2294.