Alternative Teacher Preparation Program

  • SWWC's Alternative Teacher Preparation Program seeks to recruit candidates recommended by principals, teachers, etc. as possessing those characteristics that will help the candidate develop into a highly effective teacher for all students. SWWC has adopted the work of the New Teacher Center to provide high quality mentoring and supervision of candidates throughout the teacher preparation program and extending beyond into the first three years of teaching. Classroom mentor teachers and student teaching supervisors will be trained in the New Teacher Center protocols to provide effective feedback and support for candidates in the alternative certification program. 
    The Conceptual Framework adopted by SWWC utilizes the best practices identified in a review of current research into alternative teacher preparation. Main components of the Conceptual Framework include:
    1. careful selection of candidates with ‘star’ teacher qualities
    2. extensive pedagogical training in instruction, curriculum, and working with diverse students
    3. intensive mentoring and supervision
    4. recruitment and training of high quality mentor teachers and student teaching supervisors
    5. high quality supervision with frequent and substantial evaluation
    6. meaningful collaboration with peers and teaching staff
    7. the integration of theory and practice to prepare candidates to make and enact decisions needed to meet the needs of the diverse learners they will serve
    8. practice in lesson planning and teaching prior to taking on full responsibility as a teacher
    9. well-defined standards of professional practice and performance that are used to guide and evaluate coursework and clinical work
    10. high exit standards

    This image provides an overview of the candidate process.

    candidate process

    SWWC Alternative Teacher Preparation Program Handbook

    Questions can be directed to Lisa Gregoire at or 507-537-2294.